Dreams are dreamt, but to turn them into reality is always a tall order. Being successful in life is a dream for everyone but being a successful event planner is a dream come true for Diana Nekesa the founder of Galina International. Diana, explained to us how her voyage in the entertainment industry moreso as an event planner started 14 years ago.

The Journey of Diana Nekesa

Diana’s journey has had pathos and bathos through time and space to her realization of both positive transformation and great evolution since the beginning of her company imediately after campus: Galina International. She is like an event’s spokesperson or rather say a financial advisor in the faculty of events: from corporate events to wedding and all types of celebrations including weddings. She has been able to work with different brands and couples all over Africa and the entire world at large.

“Galina International is more like a baby to me, it has always been Galina…” According to Diana, Galina was her childhood dream which went through incubation before it’s inception and the foundation of the company. At a young age she was inspired by a character in her childhood stories named Galina who was noble, sincere, hardworking and very passionate in everything she did.

Diana named her company Galina Reflection because she felt the story reflected her life and she wanted something big of her own. At the beginning, Galina Reflections only dealt purely with events but with time through the years she had to expand and deal with importation of other stuff hence evolution to gaining international status where she partnered with different businesses across the globe.

Currently flourishing at the apex of the most interesting and interactive industry, Diana loves celebrating all the best moments of life and that’s why she chose to become an event planner and not just may event planner but the best there is; some time back she did an event which accommodated both the President and the first lady in Nairobi-Kenya. She says that her business is like a learning platform for every day comes with different challenge depending on the simplicity or the sophistication of the client. ” I have learned resilience over the years, and never forget that your network is your networth, treat people how you would love to be treated no matter what purpose they serve in your life.” Says Diana.

The Most Significant Moments of Diana.

To start with, she is a co-founder of the Kenya wedding awards which she partnered with others in the business in the aim of supporting and appreciating those in wedding industry. This platform also recognizes those who chose to do other people’s lifestyle as their full time job to ensure the acute delivery of satisfying service to the most important days if human life like wedding.

Nekesa says that one of her main goal is client satisfaction from big events to small ones. This has earned her the audacity to work with an international company as their contact person in the African continent for events.

For Ms Nekesa, passion for events since she was a small girl is what’s keeps her moving forward and according to her in business there is no point at which you would say you have had enough, you have to keep look for more creative ways to help people by setting up an avenue where they would feel their emotions are acknowledged and appreciated by the deco of their events.

” I have really witnessed growth in my organization from Galina Reflections to Galina International.” Her journey was fueled by trusting in herself and taking the rust to start her own company despite being a graduate in Business Procurement.

The Challenges Diana Nekesa Faced Through Her 14 Years Experience.

The idea of personal expectations from her clients was a big challenge at first, for many people want their ideas materialized without understanding the process of implementing an idea it’s not as easy as most think. Some clients fail to understand what Galina is offering might be different from what they actually need. But she has made her way through experience and know exactly how to handle mad deliver according to her customer’s expectations.

In addition, the unavailability of materials to make up an event has been a problem, in our interview Diana Nekesa said that most materials for decorations are not locally fabricated and to get them sometimes is a long process which many don’t want to wait or understand. She imports most of the material from China and other oversea nations.

When the covid-19 came, it’s put everything in a stand still, most businesses went home and companies closed. The lockdowns did not have the power to kill Diana Nekesa’s dream she fought through and enrolled for a course at the University of London were she graduated with a certificate in Corporate planning. ..” the covid-19 posed as a great challenge since event planning deals with crowds of people, but I was strong and I didn’t let the lockdowns stagnate my organization completely,”

At some point I have had my fair share of problems. There was a brand she worked with and after the completion of the event it took her in circles when it came to paying for her services. From this day she learned the importance of putting everything in contract before planning for the event.

Diana has also sacrificed her family time.” The early mornings, the late nights, the away weekends and holidays. It’s sometimes tough.” She thanks her husband for the support and understanding.

Galina International is an employer and has started a mentorship program in coaching others in the faculty of events. She flourishes in seeing the best moments of life being celebrated through a posh and tranquil creation of her mind and hand. The agility of people who look up to her and appreciate her work keeps her moving. Diana Nekesa believes in the power of collaboration to make up a perfect work.


The brand is located at Gig and play, Sameer business park off mombasa road, Nairobi-Kenya. You can as well follow her @Instagram Account: Galina International

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