Every wedding has an uncanny potentiality to the provision of great memories and stories to be passed downwards to generations to come. Heavily infused with the renditions of the Holly book either the Quran or the Bible, the guiding laws of the land, and the archaic symbolism of their nuptial dream come true always an A-class modern Safari wedding, which in-corporates the illusions to fantasies to reality.

With a good help, gaining the realization of a factual truth is through a mind blowing destination wedding across the continent.

Finding the love of your life comes before everything else, for it is written that love overcomes everything in this life. Just as the poets puts it, “love is surely supernatural, a secret urge and not quite factual, a longing so deep and dark and rare, that only such rife can share”.

For to hope is to believe, to believe is to having faith, in faith buds love, and to love is to live. Even though it might take up to a millennium to find the love of your life but I believe that each and everyone is entitled to live by the constitution of this life. Finding the right person to take the wedding vows with and the signatures to the covenant of marriage have never been easy.

This brings a sense of safety to the passion and physical attractions have the courage to start and pray for enough energy and heart to finish what is already in motion.


Affections may take a myriad of forms depending on our different personal aspects and initial points of view. As the African saying goes, “a good wife is God-given and the love bestowed unto the weds is by the power and the fruits of the Holy Spirit/spirits.” Love is like a driving force in every wedding.

Every wedding day is the beginning of the rest of your life. You are the pilot to your life, just lock in your destination and set off to it, from where you are – Make happiness always a priority, and your days together shall be good and long upon the EARTH.

The most empowering relationships are those in which each partner lifts the other to higher possessions of their own being. The best thing to hold onto in this world is love of each other which drives the art of their wedding to its maximum prosperity.

Great wedding planning is like a mural reflection of hope to every courtship in this glamorous rite of passage. Just as the saying goes failing to plan is planning to fail, thus with good help from the faculty experts.

Everyone has their own differences and very achievable for we are programmed differently and our own experiences subconsciously shape our attractions and the way we all love, but at the end of it all love is never easy even though sweet but a psychogenic enigma.


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