Become a Vendor

Our online portal is designed to help couples plan their destination weddings by giving them easy access to professional wedding entrepreneurs. All they need to do is visit the vendor page on our website, search for the kind of vendor they want and place a call, email or SMS to anyone of their choice.

For instance, if a couple needs a wedding photographer, they visit our vendor page, search for ‘wedding photographer’ and the photographers on our portal will pop up with their location and contact details. This way, we take the vendors to the doorsteps of clients just like that!

If you are a photographer, event planner, makeup artist, dress maker, cinematographer or anyone into the business of making weddings happen, you should become a vendor on Kenya Safari Wedding’s portal.

What Do I Stand to Gain as a Vendor?

As a vendor, these are what you stand to gain from KSW:

Publicity and Visibility

When you play your role to the success of your client’s wedding, you’ll definitely have pictures which you’d post on your social media pages to attract clients.

The beautiful thing is that you won’t be the only one posting pictures of your works. As part of our monthly style feature, we will also feature your brand regularly on our website and social media pages.

 In addition, since you are a part of us, we will regularly promote you to give your brand more visibility. We will run targeted ads that feature details of your products and services to the right eyes. This in turn will give your brand more visibility and publicity.

More Clients Through Referrals

Our promotion moves mentioned above serve a primary goal which is to bring you more clients. Through our portal, we gladly do this. And since we’re known to deliver value and quality, your becoming a vendor on our platform means your brand also delivers quality. Hence, we refer clients to you as a trusted, professional wedding vendor.

Grow Your Business

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you aren’t the only one putting in effort to make your business prosper?

Besides your regular posts and ads on Instagram and Facebook, KSW will diversify your marketing efforts and multiply your online presence. We will make it possible for brides and grooms to find you in the digital space. This way, you can concentrate on other aspects of your business to ensure growth and expansion.

We aren’t just a destination wedding platform. We want to collaborate with every hand involved in the successful planning of nuptial ceremonies. We believe that growth doesn’t happen if one works alone. And that is why we urge you to become a vendor on KSW so we can work and grow together.